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Equine-assisted therapy 
donations can make a difference

equine-assisted therapy donations

Donating to Unbridled Hope means supporting the wellbeing of the community

When it comes to equine-assisted therapy donations, every amount is appreciated and valuable. Between funding programming to covering equine care, Unbridled Hope has many costs that generous donors help fund.

For instance, here’s what donations can fund

  • A gift of $40 provides farrier services for one horse for one month.
  • A gift of $125 covers the cost of annual dental services for one horse.
  • A gift of $500 covers the cost of annual veterinary services for one horse.
  • A gift of $800 funds eight individual sessions of equine-assisted learning sessions.
  • A gift of $1,500 funds 12 individual equine-assisted psychotherapy sessions.

Ways you can support Unbridled Hope

  • Donate

    From funding therapeutic programming and psychotherapy for underserved populations to helping cover equine care, every donation is valuable.

    • One Time Gift

      Make a one-time gift today

    • Monthly Gift

      Set a recurring gift to support an area of research or community programming

    • Memorial Gift

      Dedicate a gift in honor of a loved one

    • Planned Gift

      Save on your end-of-year tax returns with a planned gift

    Donate Now

  • Purchase From Wish List

    There are a variety of items needed to support equine care and provide the best programming for individuals. Consider making purchases from this wish list. Interested parties can contact Rachael Long for ordering details.

    • Therapy Items

      o Large Soccer ball and cover for horses
      o Horse jolly balls
      o 50-gallon plastic barrels; if previously used, needs to be designated food safe (quantity: 3-4)
      o Helmets in various sizes for clients (quantity: 3-4)
      o Hobby Lobby or Michael’s gift cards for therapy supplies
      o Nontoxic finger paints
      o Pool noodles (quantity: 12)
      o Home Depot/Lowes gift cards for supplies to build enrichment/therapy tools

    • Barn/Horse Needs

      o Pyranha wipe & spray fly spray
      o Bathing sponges
      o Shampoo/Conditioner/Detangler
      o Thrush buster
      o Horse treats
      – Brand: Nutrigood, Low Sugar Apple Snax
      – Brand: German Muffin All Natural Horse Treats
      o Rubber feed tub 3 gallon (quantity: 6)
      o Saddle soap
      o Muck cart/Gorilla poly yard cart
      o Muck/Manure forks (quantity: 2)
      o Gently used towels & washcloths
      o Outdoor Rubbermaid Shed (lockable)
      o Additional grooming kits (quantity: 2)
      o Plastic carry tote for grooming supplies

  • Community Involvment And Volunteering

    The Unbridled Hope team is grateful for the incredible individuals and groups who volunteer their time to help our community and therapeutic programming run smoothly. Check back for more volunteer opportunities.

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