Meaningful horse therapy helping individuals overcome challenges 
and improve life skills

Meet the team and herd making equine-assisted therapy and learning possible

You won’t find the Unbridled Hope team “in the office,” rather we meet with clients outdoors and in the barn or pasture. We believe that when individuals are in the company of horses, they can overcome mental health, physical, and behavioral challenges to live a more fulfilling life.

The Nexus Hope Foundation started Unbridled Hope to offer therapeutic programming to individuals navigating co-occurring physical, behavioral, and mental health challenges. Although there is a buzz around integrated care, not many healthcare professionals follow this model, causing individuals to receive fragmented care at best. Through programs like equine-assisted psychotherapy, individuals can begin to heal as a whole person from trauma, injury, or other conditions.

Providing an effective mental health treatment model — that works

Unbridled Hope pictures a world where equine-assisted interventions are actively used in mental health treatment and to support physical and emotional wellness.


Using the power of horses to build hope, connection, and healing in our communities through equine assisted therapy and services


We envision a world where equine assisted interventions are actively 
used to improve wellness.

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Meet our equine
therapy team

The Unbridled Hope mental health treatment team looks forward to working with individuals to find hope and healing.

horse therapy with licensed therapist

Rachael Long, MA, MSW, LMSW, CTP

Rachael Long is the Director of Unbridled Hope LLC. She is a leader, social worker, therapist, animal lover, and advocate for the underprivileged and underserved.

Before working to get Unbridled Hope off the ground, Rachael has been in the human service field for over 20 years. Most recently, Rachael served as an executive director for mental health clinics serving approximately 2,000 clients and 80+ staff. Rachael takes pride in leading quality clinical programs with an emphasis on improving client self-sufficiency.

Rachael is a licensed social worker in both Arizona and Texas. She earned a Master of Social Work from Arizona State University as well as a master’s degree from Boston University. Early in her life, Rachael developed a passion for horses. As a teen she was able to save her money and purchase her first horse, Pico, an Arab gelding. Still a die-hard horse lover and now a therapist, equine assisted services became a natural fit. She is a certified mental health professional with the Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association (EAGALA) and has observed firsthand the healing power of animals, especially horses. When she’s not working, she loves searching for the perfect taco or margarita, traveling, doing art, or going on road trips.

horse therapy with licensed therapist

Suzanne Skotheim, LMSW

Suzanne Skotheim serves as a contract therapist for Unbridled Hope. She has been in the mental health field for over 15 years and specializes in working with adults, children, and families who have experienced significant trauma. During the span of her career, she has served as a therapist, manager, and director. Her favorite thing about being a social worker is watching clients make progress on their treatment goals.

Suzanne was introduced to horses as a child and participated heavily in 4H. Her first horse, a chestnut quarter horse named Zip, had a love of peppermints and Pepsi; Zip was known for trying to steal a can of Pepsi if you weren’t careful. She is an animal lover with 2 rescue fur-babies at home.

Suzane has a Master of Social Work from Arizona State University. In her free time, Suzanne loves the outdoors, hiking specifically and all things soccer. One day she would like to attend a World Cup game or hike from rim to rim of the Grand Canyon.

Jacqueline Hieber, Equine Specialist

Jacqueline Hieber, Equine Specialist

Jacquelyn Hieber is an Equine Specialist for Unbridled Hope, where she is dedicated to assisting children and adults in reaching their physical, social, emotional, and cognitive goals through equine-assisted therapy and learning. Jacquelyn began her journey in 2015 as a PATH International Team Member, teaching therapeutic riding skills to children facing cognitive challenges. Her commitment to excellence led her to earn her EAGALA Equine Specialist Certification in 2018, enabling her to utilize specialized techniques in Unbridled Hope’s equine-assisted therapy and learning programs.

In addition to her work with Unbridled Hope, Jacquelyn has a deep passion for rescuing captured wild Mustangs and securing their freedom in sanctuary environments. She has two Mustangs of her own, as well as a Tennessee Walking Horse and a Quarter Horse, which she proudly incorporates into equine therapy programs. Her expertise in handling horses stems from extensive training with renowned natural horsemanship and Mustang training professionals, allowing her to create meaningful connections between humans and horses.

Alongside her specialized equine background, Jacquelyn is a certified yoga teacher and reiki practitioner. She holds an Executive Education in Marketing from The Wharton School; Bachelor’s Degrees in International Business, German, and Economics from Western Michigan University; and Certification in Immersive Innovation, Process and Strategy from Sagentia, Cambridge, England.

Haley Olson, Contract Equine Specialist

Haley Olson is a contract equine specialist for Unbridled Hope. Haley has a passion for teaching and coaching others, in the arena and in the classroom. When she’s not at Unbridled Hope, she is shaping young minds as a high school chemistry teacher in Conroe. Haley’s passions include helping her students and Unbridled Hope clients realize their strengths in a safe environment where they can flourish. She strives to make sure clients and students feel supported. 

Haley fell in love with horses at a young age.  Her parents tell her this deep love began after a pony ride at the fair at just 9 months old…and as they say the rest is history. Today, Haley is the proud owner of a 5-year-old American Cream and Sugarbush Harlequin draft cross named Apollo that is part of the Unbridled Hope therapy program.

Haley has a bachelor’s degree in animal science with an emphasis in equine studies from the University of Arizona. She also has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do. When she’s not working, Haley loves to travel, hike, and frequently visits her family back in Arizona. She also hopes to one day see the northern lights.

A tribute to Dr. Ralph B Lilly

A dear friend and deeply respected ally of the Nexus Hope Foundation, Dr. Ralph B Lilly influenced the creation of Unbridled Hope. Learn more about his healthcare legacy and love of Western culture and the Houston equestrian community.

He was instrumental in saving lives and bringing new research in neurology, neurobehavioral health, and brain injury rehabilitation 
to light.

In 1980 Dr. Lilly suffered a traumatic brain injury that changed the course of his life and his medical career. He became a dedicated advocate for the fair treatment and opportunities available to patients who had experienced a trauma.

Dr. Lilly was actively involved in the Houston equestrian community during his tenure in Texas. The Nexus Hope Foundation is proud to support his legacy with the dedication of the Ralph B Lilly, MD Equestrian Center—coming soon!

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